AMC square
The power of two

the sunflower, at Childtime

in the garden at Phelps Luck ooh, there's a bug!!!

story time once upon a time...

it's backward, Alex hmm...this doesn't make sense

Alex, leave those buttons alone cheese where, what cheese?!?!

smile :D Alex, I don't think two can fit

yum :P !! my water

Ada, what's that? it's only a camera, Alex

no, not the Ming vase King Dominion, 1994

is it our turn yet? King Dominion, 1994 1st day at Kindergarden, can bunny come too? I'll carry your lunch

Columbia Academy cheese Christmas, 1994

Christmas 1994

1994 Christmas at Cuc's house Winter 94

Winter 94 Jackson pond near Phelps Luck house

Winter 94 one more time daddy

Christmas 1994 Spring 95, Phelps Luck house Spring 95

Spring 95 Spring 95

Ada's kindergarden graduation, 1995 Ada's kindergarden graduation, 1995

after a recital at Chatnam Mall Spring 97 1st day of school, 98

the hills are alive Summer 98

Florida beach after Disney 97 Summer 98

Virginia beach in the yard of Washington's house

Spring 96 Virginia science museum Williamsburg,96

Virginia beach Jamestown,96

Hershey Park Fall 95

Pride Rock Longwood garden

Longwood garden Longwood garden

Longwood garden Longwood garden

Winter 96 Winter 96

Fall 95 Ada's 1st day at PRES getting ready for the recital,2k

the gang summer 2k

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Moving Line

26 February 2001