Short Stories and Poems

by Ada Marie Cooke

My dad is magnificent!!

He takes my family to Artie's Ice Cream, and he takes us to Crab Shanty. My dad teaches me to swim and how to make a small fire out in the woods. He brings surprises home at the end of the day on week-day. He lets me play on him, and he makes cakes with me.



Penguins are cool.
Penguins are neat.
Penguins are nice
So I give them a treat.

Penguins are cool.
Penguins are neat.
Teeny tiny penguins
Sit on their father's feet

Penguins are cool.
Penguins are neat.
Some penguins have
The very best seat.

kitty dance

My favorite animal.

A cat is my favorite animal.
I laugh when they play with a hat.
I'm scared when they strech a mat.
One time I said sit and it sat.

Dear, Grandma and grandpa.

I hope you could come to my house someday so I could show you some things. Thank you for making things for me. I love your cooking. It tastes good. I hope you could make more things for me. Thank you for giving me a dollar chinese new year, my birthday, and cristmas. I miss you a lot. Can I vist you? I hope I could, because I like makeing the bubles a lot. I love you. I hope you saw a rabit or a bunny. If you did tell me about it please tell me what color it is. I love bunnys and rabits.

your granddaughter


I was walking down the road...

I was walking down the road,
when I saw a little toad.
I was stepping on a log,
when I saw a little frog.
I was reading something funny,
when I saw a little bunny.
I was looking up at the sky,
when I saw a little butterfly.
I was looking up at the sky,
when I saw a little fly.
I was swimming in the lake,
when I saw a little snake.
I was sweeping the rug,
when I saw a little bug.
I was looking for my hat,
when I saw a big cat.
I was going for a hike,
when I saw a yellow bike.
I was waiting for the mail,
when I saw a little snail.
I was sweeping in the house,
when I saw a little mouse.
I was eating cake and cider,
when I saw a little spider.

My mom

My mom helps me. She loves to cook good things for me. Sometimes my mom plays game with me sometimes she doesn't. I love my mom and she loves me.

cat and bug

Dear Daddy and mommy

I love you very much. Thank you for taking care of me. I hope you feel good and I hope I could help you do hard work. I wish I could buy you lots of things.




There once was a cat named, Cuddles,
She liked to splash in puddles
One day she jumped so high
She reached the sky
And from then on everone called her, Muddles.

Alley Cats

Alley cats are on the prowl today.
Catching fish and mice.
And hissing at the other stray.
Knocking over the garbage can.
Staying away from man.
Alley cats are on the prowl today.



Domestic Cats

Domestic cats are having fun now.
Much much much.
More now!.
Watching the stray cats on the street.
Listening to the music.
And purrn' the beat.


Cats and Kittens

Cats and kittens,
Snuggle with mittens,
Play with their toy.
Love to annoy,
Sleep a lot,
Don't like to play with tots.
Eat a little bit of food,
Change their mood.
Cats and kittens
Can be small
Are sometimes tall
Cats and kittens.


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3 February 1999