Chinese Brush Painting

dragon & bird

Mr.& Mrs. Chen

Taken from - Oriental Brush Works by Jing-Jy Chen:

" Orient art possesses spirit and captures the artist's individuality. There are two approaches to Oriental brush painting: the "outline" style - a refined, interpretive reproduction of the subject, painstakingly precise with fine lines and layers of color shadings; and the "boneless" style - a method that pays less attention to exterior detail, focusing more on the inner beauty of a subject. The artist begins to instantly integrate colors, fluidity and continuously; maintaining a free spontaneity, but demanding much mental and physical concentration. "

Jing-Jy Chen's Chinese Brush Paining art class meets each week on Wednesday evening at her home in Columbia, MD. Her students have widely varying backgrounds with regard to art experience and several of them have studied under her for almost ten years. Culturally the class has always had an international atmosphere including students native to China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the US and Viet-Nam. A typical Wednesday evening finds each student working on a painting of his/her own selection with Jing-Jy providing individual advice and instruction as needed. Most weeks several students bring various unusual snacks for the class to sample and Jing-Jy provides tea. Even though the students are serious about their art lessons, they also look forward to each Wednesday evening for an enjoyable social event.

Exhibit at the Government Center building - Arts Council of Fairfax County - Spring 2K

Max & Miller Bok

Bok & Menu Menu & Bichha'

Bichha',Bok,Jing-Jy,Menu,Miller Bok,Jing-Jy,Menu,Miller

Menu & friend hang up the artworks

Jeff Miller & Bichha'

Miller and his sunflower Jing-Jy & Bichha'

Jing-Jy,Stephanie,Max,Miller Menu,Bok,Jing-Jy,Miller

Miller,Menu,Jing-Jy,Jeff Miller,Menu,Bok,Jing-Jy,Jeff,Bichha'

At Jing-Jy's reception in Columbia art building - Summer 2K

Jing-Jy Jing-Jy


Judy's party - after the Annapolis exhibit - Summer 2K

Mai,Bok,Menu,Jeff,Sue,Ada,Stephanie Mai,Bok,Menu,Jeff,Judy,Sue,Ada,Stephanie


Homestead Garden art festival- Fall 2K

Ada & Judy Ada

Ada & Judy Ada & Paula

Ada Ada

Ada Paula

Bichha' Ada

Stephanie's bridal party - Fall 2K

Bok & Paula Jing-Jy & Mr.Chen

Jing-Jy,Sue,Mai,Judy Stephanie,Bok,Paula,BichHa'

Jeff,Mr.Chen,Jing-Jy Mr.Chen,Miller,Sue

Jing-Jy,Sue,Mai Ada,Jeff

Miller,Stephanie Ada

Bok,Paula,Ada,Sue,Stephanie the whole gang,almost

Jeff,Miller,Stephanie,Jing-Jy Judy,Sue,Stephanie

A typical Wednesday night

almost the whole gang Ada's job

Jing-Jy,Ada,Bichha' Ada & Mommy

Kim's Christmas party - Winter 2K

Bichha',Alex & Glenn Ada,Alex & Glenn


Jeff,Bok,Kristy Kristy,Glen,Max,Stephanie

Mr.Chen,Mathew,Alex Jeff,Bichha',Jing-Jy & Bok

dinner time Jeff,Paula,Bary,Kristy

dancing time singing time

1,2,3 Meenu & Paula

Jing-Jy & Mr.Chen Glenn & Jing-Jy

our score: 94 the score is 92

Meenu, Mr.Chen & Barry shake,shake,shake

A visit to Meenu's house in Delaware - Summer 2001

in front of Meenu's house in Delaware

summer 2001 summer 2001

Jeff's Christmas party - Winter 2001

Jeff, Bok & Meenu Stephanie & JingJy

Meenu & Paula the whole gang

Bichha',Meenu,Bok Ada,Alex & Glenn

December 2002

Wednesday's gang

Beasman Center Galery - Fairhaven Exibit

Tuesday's & Wednesday's gang

From left to right

Back row - Lani,Sara,Vanda,Wendy
Middle row - Mai,Gwyn,Bichha,Charlene,Miller,Bok
Sitting - Judy,Jing-Jy,Kris,Meenu

getting ready for pictures Bok,Meenu,Kris,Bichha

Mai,Bok,Meenu,Kris,Bichha Miller,Pat,Meenu

Miller,Pat,Meenu Bichha & Jing-Jy

Hao-Chiu,Kris,Bichha,Jing-Jy,Bok,Stephanie Miller & Bichha

Mrs. Jane Weyrauch, Mr. Don Sykes & Bichha Mrs. Weyrauch

Mrs. Weyrauch,Alex, and her paintings Mrs. Weyrauch & Bichha

Lani,June,Pat Judy,Miller

Mai,Meenu,Judy,Mr. Chen,Hao-Chiu Lani,June,Pat


Mr. Chen, Meenu, Hao-Chiu Miller and Pat

Halloween/Birthday Party 2004

Kris & Alex Kris,Alex,Bichha

The wednesday gang Alex and mommy

Alex & mommy The gang

Alex & mommy Alex & mommy

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