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Many many thanks to Maysan and Pawel for all their help in getting us up and running on-line.

Hi!! It's great to have you as a guest!! We'll soon have a guest book which we would like to have you sign. To get the most enjoyment from our humble home page use Netscape 4.0 with a screen resolution of 800x600 . Try clicking on various pictures and objects to navigate around our pages. Click on "the little house" to get back to this main page.

These pages are slapped together in the wee hours of the night, between lunch bites, piano lessons, soccer practices, homework and the other chaotic activities of our lives. We started out with a "Webpage for Dummies" and spent alot of time carefully examining the source code from many interesting and creative sites. This site is built from borrowed text, graphics, animated gifs (which Glenn heavily edited) and many of our own scanned photos. Be warned,.... This site is always under construction and often out of date :|. It may never win an award, but we sure are having fun doing it!!! :)

10 July 98 Up comming plans: This page will soon be changed to improve download speed, compact its page length and add a site map & guest book.

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Once upon the time, in a far far away land...

Bich-ha's Page
Glenn's Page

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To Ada's page * nine years old
* loves to read Ada's Book and Poem Page
* dreams to be a cat
* second level James Bastien Piano basics piano with notes

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To Alex's Page * six years old
* our disco boy Our Disco Boy
* dreams to be a ball player
* Mississippi Hot Dog graduate Glenn's rotating note

and finally

Family Picture, Summer 1997

family pets
Fish Tank

Beside guppies, we are welcoming Oreo and Smokey. The two brother and sister kittens were born on June 18, 1998 and Mom is wondering " am I out of my mind ??"


Moving Line

1 November 1998

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