The Diary of a Cat: Oreo's Story


August 14, 1998

Today I have left Mother. My sister, "Smokey" she was named, and I got to be with her, while she ate, one last time. This was her first litter and she told us that instinct let her know we'd be leaving. She kissed us each once and whispered in our ears. Mother also gave both of us a present - this diary. She whispered in my ear, "Oreo, my brave son, this book that I give you is called a "diary" use it when you leave me. Record all you learn, all your memories, everything you do. Confide in it and us it well, this book is your friend." I mewed, "I love you Mother! I'll miss you!" Right now, Smokey and I are cuddled together in our litter box ready to (yawn) sleep...

August 30,1998

Terrible! Scary! Horrifying! Today we got a (gulp!) BATH(shiver). It's scary even saying the name. They got some towels out so we thought they'd be going to the pool, but Ada, my pet, picked me up and put me in the sink. The people sprayed me with water. It was warm water, but wet still, so I felt cold. I was scared, so I did the only thing I could. I meowed. This wasn't any meow. This was a call for help. I was saying through the meow, "Help! Mommy! I'm scared!" After they dried me off outside in the warm sun, I ran and hid inside in case they did it again

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