Journey to the Sea


Down in the Earth,
Ivory shells crack.
And comes birth,
For the shelled ones.

A dozen in all,
Digging up to the sun.
The greenish creatures are small,
For they are very young.

One week after.
Their lives up above begin.
Scared of the seagulls laughter,
They edge to the sea.

Suddenly, a rush!
Wetness crawls around their feet.
The feeling so lush,
So exciting!

The little sea beings
Skip and dance all around,
They are actually seeing
Their home.

All jumping with glee,
They stumble forward,
And flee to the sea,
Very excited and gay.

They near the edge,
A large wave comes.
All twelve dive in,
Their journey is done.

Swimming out in the light of the dawn,
The majestic sea turle lives on.


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moving line

4 December 2000