Smokey is like a freshly sharpened pencil's lead,
The very dark gray that smears.
Oreo, like a pen's ink on white paper,
Black mostly, but sometimes it won't appear.
Smokey is like college rule paper,
With stripes going up and down.
Oreo, like a patched-up quilt,
Having spots in all around.
Smokey is like the softest silk,
Delicate and slim.
Oreo is like the fuzziest flannel,
So warm and loving is him.
In the daytime, Smokey is like a hamster,
Sleeping it all away.
Oreo like a tiger,
Lazy, bored, and lonely the whole entire day.
In the dark night, though, Smokey's like a lion cub,
Romping around wanting to have fun.
Oreo, like the little lion's friend,
Agreeing, it's time to play, though the day's done.
Smokey's like a golden-haired princess,
Gentle and kind.
Oreo, like a shiny-armored knight,
Valiant, but with his own mind.


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moving line

4 January 2001