A gray and black Ying-yang
A big knot of hair
Two large furry pom-pom balls
The frightened caterpillar of a moth
A dark colored spiral-shell
A scraggly toupee
Two watermelons seeds at a picnic
A big rolled-up blanket
Two stuffed animals
Fat and fuzzy pillows
Enormous lumps of dust bunnies
The end of a paintbrush
Wet porcupines
Mossy rocks
Hairballs your pet leaves on the carpet
Dead mice or birds on the doorstep
Roadkill on the highway
Two seeds of a flower
Morning hair
A fuzzy dark sweater
Huge cobwebs in the attic
A gray jogging sweatshirt
A clump of fur
My cats curled up asleep together.


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moving line

4 January 2001