Summer 2001 - Sandbridge Beach

Sandbridge beach 2001

Miller Hi Life The Cooke family

we want food!!! beach time

Alex & Zack Laura & Zack

Smile :-) Alex at work

Zack rules Al & Pat the Gronlund gang

beach buns Alex,Thy,Laura,Ada,Zack

faster mommy,faster hang on

hold on - now I want a close up!! not that close!!! hair hair everywhere

at the Inlet restaurant Inlet restaurant king of the castle

where did everyone go? beach bums

Alex, let's dig ta-da !!!

just one more time Ngoc-Lan Trong & Dzung

we need more water Thy,Trong,Dzung,Laura

I made a mess !! Ada,help me

I'm out of here!!! we digged,digged,digged...

digged,digged... and digged,digged...

hello !! Laura, you're out of line.

Summer 2001 Summer 2001

the Cooke family Alex,Laura,Thy and Ada

smile everybody Glenn&Bichha

Thy,Laura,Ada,Alex Thy,Laura

Alex,Ada Thy,Ada Summer 2001

Thy&Laura Summer 2001

Summer 2001 Sandbridge Beach

Laura Laura

Dzung,Thy,Laura Trong&Dzung Dzung&Bichha

Summer 2001

over here Ok - who has the ball?

Ada&Zack Zzzzzzz

Alex Alex Laura

:P smile everybody

What are we suppose to do with this? Just sit in it !!

Like this ? Yeah, but it looks better near the water

I got it

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Moving Line

5 September 2001