Summer 2003 - Sandbridge Beach

Sandbridge Beach - summer 2003

Sandbridge Ada & Laura

Alex Stefie,Pat,Al

Bichha Stefie

Thy & Zack Thy & Stefie aka Boo Laura,Trong & Thy

Hello!!! Ada & Boo

ba',Zack,Bichha Cold !!!

Ada,Laura,Thy Laura,Trong,Thy

Laura Thy,Ada,Laura Ada,Laura

Ada & Laura at the boardwalk

Laura Laura

Trong Trong & Laura

Laura summer 2003 summer 2003

parasail wee

Wow!!! Oh boy!!!

Summer 2003 this is fun

this one is juicy sun set

back at the beach with aunt,uncle Luong,Van

it's cooler in the tent Zack & Stefie

co^ Thuc, chu' Luong Zack & uncle Al

Summer 2003 Summer 2003

Laura,Thy and Pat I'm hot

Hello the Hulk Alex & Glenn

The Gronlund Alex,Ada,Laura

Alex & Zack Alex & Zack

What a life!! Ahh!!!

Yeh!!! Now both arms

Stefie Stefie & Zack Stefie & Zack

The other Hulk Look mean

The hat dance Zack

Alex pick a boo

Zack & uncle Al the PLUG

I caught this crab it's this big

it's the PLUG Thy,look up Forget it, take a picture of Laura instead

What's in there? Wow!!!

Stefie, come back this way Cold!!!

I sit here instead Too bright

Surfing? Are you having fun Stefie?

Can I eat this? same house,different year

Are we having fun yet?

VA beach boardwalk VA beach boardwalk

Stefie, look up Stefie!!!

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Moving Line

22 July 2003