The Diary of a Cat: Smokey's Story


August 14, 1998

Today we have left Mama. Me and one of my many brothers are in a gray box. It smells like the material the poopoo-box and Mama's food bowl are made of too. Eck! I have honorably named "Smokey", to match my luxurious fur coat, and my brother has been dubbed "Oreo" after his black-and-whiteness. The big people took us out of the room and put us with Mama, eating. She told us our fate and slipped us each an empty book, you. Mama said to record our lives in you, and you'll be a silent, truthful friend to us. I know one thing for sure, though, it's silent. Not one peep or twitch! How can an empty book be a friend? Oh well... Oreo and I now own (or as they put it: owned by) a small family of four. There a big guy "Daddy" who's very gentle and nice, "Mommy" who is neat, clean, and keeps her distance. Then there are the smaler ones "Ada" and "Alex". Alex is noisy and overly excited. Ada is excited, but very nice. I think she is quite possibly part cat! So much stuff happened today. Wow! I'm pooped from all this. I'll explain more tomorrow... .

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